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Meet your host

I'm Aaron Brabham. I'm an ex "employee" and reformed limited dreamer. I used to live in black and white but after a near fatal car accident when I was 22, I realized it was up to me to start living in color.

I had always followed the path society said was best, but quickly realized I would always be serving others' interests. I made the decision to quit putting myself second and instead create a life by design. The car accident became my awakening.

I took a personal oath to never become complacent... to constantly push myself out of my comfort zone. I sought out a "new tribe" to surround myself with. Fortunately, but not by luck, I've been able to learn from three phenomenal entrepreneurs that completely reshaped my thinking.

My new journey has enabled me to live like a millionaire. I get to enjoy the best that life has to offer, collaborate with amazing influencers, and making an impact on the world as if money was no object. And the secret I've learned is that anyone can live this life, no matter how much you have in the bank.

Now it's my turn to give back. I want you to experience the gift of waking up daily and living life 100 percent on your terms. I'm going to show you the shortcuts I learned from my mentors and inspire you to take action to live life as richly as possible. Join me and become The Millionaire Anywhere!

Why I started the show

I created this podcast to inspire people to become their absolute best self. If you're unhappy about where your life is today, I'll show you how to become rich in all aspects of your life. I'll interview people that have chosen themselves and I'll lay out a blueprint so you too can create your own life by design.

Who it's for

The Millionaire Anywhere lifestyle isn't for everyone. It is for the rare few looking to unleash their inner potential. When you reclaim your life, you'll experience greater joy, power, and satisfaction... And on your terms.

What you'll learn

I'll provide you with all the tools you'll need to create your very own life by design. You'll hear from people in all walks of life and in all different businesses. It's my goal to expose you to the possibilities of living a life you've only dreamt of.